Authors and Auteurs Life Lessons: No. 6

"Without words, without writing, and without books there would be no history, there would be no concept of humanity"  -Herman Hesse

Contradictions of Life

Life isn’t what it seems. We revel in the freedom of desperation. We oscillate between the misconceptions of misery. We seek out the elegance in tragedy. Pain focalizes the mind and body on the immediate, shining light on the ebbs and flows of public opinion. Only when you illuminate the contradictions of life can you … Continue reading Contradictions of Life

A View From Above

Corporations. Without consent constructing  the social scaffolding of culture. Seamlessly becoming interwoven into the wool of the faceless sheep. The Sheep. So desperate to resist the pre-established construct  that they become deaf to the unoriginal sound of the anti establishment sentiment pouring out of their ears  Technology… The tireless engine of power fueling the Icarian … Continue reading A View From Above

The Illusion of Happiness

MANY OF MANKIND'S ISSUES derive from the inability of someone to sit contentedly  in a room alone with their thoughts. LIFE IS SIMPLE. Complication stems from the delusional self-assuring lies we tell ourselves, fabricating happiness. I HOPE  one day I will be as happy as everyone portrays themselves to be. AFTER ALL Happiness is a social construct; … Continue reading The Illusion of Happiness