Authors and Auteurs Life Lessons: No. 6

"Without words, without writing, and without books there would be no history, there would be no concept of humanity"  -Herman Hesse

Dr. Gonzo’s Prescription Pad Thoughts and Scribbles No. 10

"It bogles my mind how social construction arbitrarily dictates the physical value of so many virtual things" - Dr. Ernie Gonzo

Dr. Gonzos Book Club

Cult classics develops their die hard following because a small niche of people are able to identify genius where others see confusion. I don't think any novel sums that up better than one of my all time favorites Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas By Hunter S. Thompson. Long live Dr. Gonzo!

Contradictions of Life

Life isn’t what it seems. We revel in the freedom of desperation. We oscillate between the misconceptions of misery. We seek out the elegance in tragedy. Pain focalizes the mind and body on the immediate, shining light on the ebbs and flows of public opinion. Only when you illuminate the contradictions of life can you … Continue reading Contradictions of Life

Sessions With My Shrink Vol. 2

“So Ernest, how have you been?” “Good doc, real good. One might even say, darn right swell.” Dr. Reynolds is either too dull to understand sarcasm or just refuses to acknowledge its existence out of spite for me. Either way, I make it a rule never to give him a straight answer off the bat. … Continue reading Sessions With My Shrink Vol. 2